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祝贺ArcLab实验室陈文智教授团队论文被IEEE TC录用

ArcLab实验室陈文智教授团队论文“Zweilous: A Decoupled and Flexible Memory Management Framework”于2020年6月10日被IEEE Transactions on Computers(TC)录用。

本文提出了一个新的内存管理框架Zweilous,首先找到了内存子系统与其他子系统高耦合的根本原因(root cause):关键元数据的重复利用,实现了内存管理系统元数据和函数的自洽,解决了内存子系统的高耦合问题。在与原有伙伴系统的可以共存的情况下,为新的内存管理想法的实现和应用提供一个稳定的实验平台,从而加快学界对于内存管理系统的研究和改进。本文同时还在该框架的基础上实现了Hzmem,已知的第一个原生的大页压缩系统。
论文成果包括CCF A类 SCI,专利。论文成果可以下一代操作系统的研究,尤其在下一代内存管理方面具有开拓性意义:可以加快内存管理算法和实现的迭代更新。
论文第一作者李国玺,浙江大学Arclab实验室博士研究生。主要研究方向为下一代操作系统内核,已有一篇论文发表于CCF A类期刊。

Congratulations to Professor Wenzhi Chen's team on paper being accepted by IEEE TC
Our paper“Zweilous: A Decoupled and Flexible Memory Management Framework” was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computers(TC)on 6/10/2020.
Currently, with the booming growth of cloud computing, workloads from broad ranges of functions and demands are crammed into a single physical machine. They lay considerable stress on the need of evolution of the operating system underneath, especially the memory subsystem. Even enhancing large pages with main memory compression is not intuitively straightforward due to rigid rules imposed by the state of the art manager Buddy System from the beginning of the design. To relieve the aforementioned problems and provide broader design space for system designers, we propose Zweilous, a clean slate physical memory management framework. It is self-contained, highly decoupled, and thus can co-exist with the vanilla memory manager. Separate self-contained metadata/functions guarantee a flexible extension with little modification to current frameworks. To show it is easy to add enhanced functions that accelerate the evolution of the memory management subsystem, we implement Hzmem, a new large page memory manager redesign enhanced with the function of main memory compression. Our method achieves competitive performance compared with native and virtualized large page support, effective memory size increased and fewer impacts on other parts of the operating system.
Guoxi Li, the first author of the paper, is currently a Ph.D student in Arclab laboratory of Zhejiang University. His main research directions are next-generation operating systems. Till now Guoxi Li has one paper published in CCF A journals.